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Our individual Dominican Youth programs, originally founded through a collaboration of Sister Gina Fleming, OP and Sister Patricia Brady, OP in 1999, have served over 4,000 high school students, college students, and young adults. What began with a small conference for high school students has grown beyond their wildest expectations.


The Dominican youth programs make the connection between the Dominican tradition of preaching and the participants’ own call to preach, while also fulfilling the demand for leadership training and preaching opportunities.

  • We Recognize the need to expand the reach of Dominican youth programs.

  • We Believe that young people are searching for a way to connect spiritually and ethically to their broader world.

  • We Know that the Dominican tradition of preaching speaks to our youth and helps them to fulfill their own search for God, community and a sustainable life.


The Dominican Youth Movement USA (DYMUSA) brings together the various existing Dominican youth programs, unifying their support and promoting their collective social impact. It has created a network for our young people to further develop their own call to preach.

Who we are

We are a partnership of people committed to passing on and integrating the Dominican charism into our lives. We are lay people. We are women and men religious. We are community members. We are Today’s youth and Tomorrow’s leaders. We believe that we are All called to Preach, We are All called to Be Leaders in our Church and We are All called to Live and Pass On the Good News.



DYMUSA connects youth and young adults with the Dominican tradition

by offering transformational experiences facilitating the creation of

future leaders on fire with the Gospel.

Citrus Fruits


Through our programs and workshops,

we offer opportunities to strengthen faith through authentic relationships,

forming young adults who preach

with the “pulpit of their lives.”



At the core of Dominican Life are the values of prayer, study, community, and ministry. Dominican Youth Movement USA guides our youth and young adults through our values of:

  • Prayer –  the heart of a spiritual life

  • Study –  understanding that truth is never complete and there is always more to know and understand

  • Community – staying connected to God, our individual lives, and the world around us

  • Ministry – integrating a life of service with a life of faith, preaching through word and action

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