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Fire of God Community from Haines City, FL spreads the “fire” of the Easter Season

Finally, the Glory reigns in, and the youth ministry doesn’t stop continuously helping and healing within the church community. The youth ministry has prepared and worked this Lent facing challenges and obstacles without stopping or giving up.

[They] have faced new opportunities to spread fire within the church community and practice the four main pillars of the DYMUSA holds. Praying and staying within prayer has been big for the youth as they practice and learn to speak with the Lord. Helping and serving at events with the Spanish community and the English community to show our support and that they are active!

Volunteering at the annual Fish Fry every Friday to help the Knights of Columbus has been constant and has formed great bonds within the ministries and has shown the adults that the youth love helping and serving.

Studying and reciting have been big within our meetings as we tap into stories within the bible and make sun activities where the kids can get interactive and really experience the word of the Lord.

Within Holy Week the youth have helped pass out Palms on Palm Sunday and serve during mass, reenact in plays and portray the Stations of the Cross around the church, show support to fellow youth as some receive their sacraments at the Easter Vigil, and help serve during the Easter Celebration!

The youth ministry continues to spread and grow and is happy to prosper more and more! You can’t put this fire out!


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