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Highlights from the 2021 National College “Preaching in Action” Conference

2021 National College

“Preaching in Action” Conference

Between May 25 – May 28, 2021, we gathered students from across the United States for 3 ½ days of listening, learning, praying, and growing together. Though this year’s conference was held virtually, students learned about the Dominican charism of preaching and how that charism can be incorporated into their own lives and passed on to others. The conference looked different this year, but its impact on students’ lives carries forth through their relationship with God and others on their campuses.

Students created Preaching in Action Plans as a response to the conference. To read their action plans, please click here. 

Below you’ll find videos from this year’s “Preaching in Action” Conference.

We invite you to listen to the talks, reflect on them, and share them with others.


Day 1 –

Opening Session with Mary Soher, OP

Conference Opening Prayer

Day 2 –

St Dominic & St Catherine of Siena

St Martin de Porres & St Rose of Lima

Discussion Panel with our Dominican Family

Day 3 –

Keynote: Herman Johnson, OP’s Talk on Racism

Signs of the Times: Human Trafficking

Signs of the Times: Immigration

Signs of the Times: Microaggressions

Signs of the Times: Climate Justice

Day 4 –

Commissioning Service



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