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A lifelong commitment to the Pillars of Dominican Life for this DYA USA Member

Hello. My name is Daniel Emerson. I am a Dominican Associate and a former member of the Molloy chapter of Dominican Young Adults.

I first became involved with the Dominican Sisters when I started at Molloy College in 2012. While I was at Molloy, I became very involved in the campus ministries program. As a member of Molloy campus ministry I was able to get involved in many of the programs. Two such programs that really impacted me were Boxtown, where we slept outside (sometimes in the pouring rain) to raise money for The Interfaith Nutrition Network. The other organization that we were involved with is Midnight Run. This is a program that helps feed, and clothe homeless men and women on the streets of New York. My involvement in these programs gave me a taste of the Four Pillars, most specifically Social Justice and Community.

In 2013, I attended the Dominican College “Preaching in Action” Conference on the campus of Molloy College. This gave me the opportunity to meet and connect with other young people from other Dominican Colleges and Universities around the country.

Throughout my time at Molloy, I really fell in love with the sisters. Their passion for Jesus is truly an inspiration to everyone. Each sister has a unique perspective about the way they exemplified the Dominican Charism.

One of my highlights during my time as a Dominican Young Adult was being invited to participate in the Chapter of the Amityville Dominicans. I felt so privileged to have been invited and I thrilled to contribute to the communities vision going forward for the next six years.

I have felt so blessed and honored to be a part of this Dominican family. I feel most at home when I am at the Dominican Motherhouse


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