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Campus Ministry Connections lead DYM USA Alumna to life of service

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” -St. Catherine of Siena. I was first introduced to this quote during my Freshman Orientation at Molloy College back in 2014.

Immediately, I was drawn to this quote and as I began my work study job in our Campus Ministry office, I immersed myself in the Dominican tradition. The four Dominican Pillars; Prayer, Community, Study, and Service gave me a constant mission throughout my four years of college and continue to serve importance in my life today.

As I continued in my undergraduate career at Molloy College, I was fortunate to attend the Preaching in Action Conference in 2015 and work at the Preaching in Action Conference in 2017. The preaching conference really gave me the confidence I needed to be my true self. Before the conference, I often struggled to talk about my faith and my relationship with God because it didn’t seem like the “cool” thing to do. At the Preaching Conference, I was able to meet so many people my age who shared the same morals, values, and faith. It was then I realized, this is who I am, and I should be me always.

Following the Preaching Conference, I was able to participate in an abundance of service opportunities with Molloy College and DYA. Traveling to El Salvador in 2017, and 2018 were by far the most life changing experiences for me. This experience allowed me to celebrate the simple things in life and be thankful for things you never would think of. The way the people of El Salvador celebrate their faith and love for God is so beautiful.

As an active member of DYA for many years, participating in the Preaching Conferences, and participating in a multitude of service opportunities, I am able to incorporate the pillars into my daily life.

The foundations that were laid by the Dominican Sisters at Molloy College enable me to share my gifts and talents with the young women of The Mary Louis Academy in my role as Campus Minister. The influence and impact of the Dominican Tradition has a farther reach than they will ever know. The lessons taught are now shared with hundreds of students each year.


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