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DYA Continues Its Preaching Mission in El Salvador

Participating in the “call to preach” in the Sol Naciente and Once Communities of El Salvador

From January 2nd to the 11th, under the supervision of employees and the Dominican Sisters, students and alumni of Molloy College traveled to El Salvador to run two camps for children in the communities of Sol Naciente and Once.

In total, 42 children attended the camps! This year’s camp focused on the Blessed Mother Mary and included a daily visit from the Blessed Mother and a lesson on the importance of love. The camps included art, music, and community service, as well as a field trip to a children’s museum. The trip was an amazing experience for everyone involved!

We traveled to El Salvador to assist Sister Flor de Maria Buruca, Dominican Sister of Amityville and graduate of Molloy College. Sister Flor founded an after-school program in both communities to support the children’s education. The camps are just one part of this amazing program.

Molloy College has served the Sol Naciente on past trips to El Salvador and it was great to be able to report back on how the community is doing. With the completion of a new well, they now have running water throughout the community which was not the case when Molloy started serving the community years ago. This was our first year serving the Once community, which is a community with even less resources than Sol Naciente. The community was welcoming and loving, teaching all of us a lesson on humility and grace. The Once community is in need for a school room in which to host their after-school program. The program is currently being held on the porch of community member’s home. Sister Flor hopes to break ground on a new building this year!

We look forward to continue to serve these communities both at Molloy and in El Salvador!!

Molloy Students:

Sydney Cifuentes

Kelvin Fuentes

Katie Sandoval

Julia Winkler

Molloy College Alumni:

Eddie Cramsie

Joey Marino

Mary Roedig

Led By:

Sister Diane Capuano, O.P.

Michelle Martin – Campus Minister

Terry Vassell – Residence Life Coordinator

Interested in supporting? Please contact Michelle Martin at and she will provide information on how to donate to the Experience El Salvador program or Sister Flor’s building projects.


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