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Goodbye to Sean and Sydney!

“It is amazing how fast a year goes by.  It seems like only yesterday that our two Dominican Volunteers came to live and minister with us.  Now it is time to say “goodbye” to both Sydney and Sean. Next year Sydney will begin her pursuit of a Masters in Social Work at Fordham University in Manhattan and Sean will be going to California to offer an additional year of service at the Franciscan Center in Redwood City.

We thank them for their presence amongst us and for the wonderful work they did ministering side by side with us, Sydney at the Opening Word Program and Sean right here at our Motherhouse in the Dominican Youth Movement USA office.

Sean and Sydney we are grateful for all the work you have done to help make our ministries grow and we know that the Dominican Spirit is planted firmly in your hearts from this experience.  You are always welcome at our Motherhouse and we wish you both much success in your future endeavors. Our love and prayers go with you.

Best of luck and stay in touch!”

S. Gina Fleming, OP (Amityville Dominicans)


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