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Knowing What It’s Like to Be Truly Cold, Hungry, Dirty, Scared and Lonely

“I can’t adequately describe how it feels to know that you truly stink. It’s the most humiliating, degrading, dehumanizing thing. It’s my worst memory of being homeless.”

Thank you, Dale Williams, for sharing your story about being homeless and your work through Midnight Runs with us on Thursday night, May 19th.

“A good midnight run is where every volunteer, who comes from the comfortable house, apartment, apartment, has one good conversation with a person on a park bench, in a subway train, on a church’s doorstep…that’s the essence of what we do. The connection is the most important,” Dale speaks of his 30+ years of experience with Midnight Runs.

Watch the recording here:

Those wishing to get involved in the efforts to alleviate homelessness are encouraged to visit:


National Coalition for the Homeless

View the “Directory by State”


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