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Reflections from our Young Adults in the 2021 Vocational Discernment Program

As the end of the 2021 Vocational Discernment Program comes to a close, and a new program is on the horizon, three of our young adults from the 2021 Vocational Discernment Program have reflected on what the program has meant to them.

We invite you to listen and read what they are saying below:

Mary Margaret Schroeder

Kathryn Mirro

Jessica Bonilla

“I started this program because I felt it was a calling for me, I felt like I was chosen to do this and it was for a reason.

This program so far has taught me to think more about now and everything around me to connect back to God. I learned a lot about myself and what I want in my life for the road I have ahead of me. It has taught me that there are no such things as coincidences!

The program was also presented in a user-friendly way. The break-out rooms were my favorite because they offered more interaction. It also allowed me to interact with others that may not have the same opinion as me but opened me to more ideas.

Overall, I am happy I did this program.”

For more information on our upcoming Vocational Discernment Program starting in January 2022, please visit:

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