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"To my new Dominican family," written by Zoebelle Bean

Zoebelle Bean from Aquinas College Captures the Essence of the College Conference

Zoebelle, a participant of the college preaching in action conference, is pictured fourth from the left.

To my new Dominican family:

We must remember not to lose hope

for the sincerity of spirit and soul.

Laudato Sí

The good we see in others

is God

His love

made manifest.

Live with an appreciation,

see passion in the little deeds.

Live a zealous life,

use actionable words for actionable good.

To preach is an inherent call,

laid there in our hearts from the moment

God thought of us, of our existence- that spark.

And today we must acknowledge the

communal sparks around us, existing

not to talk over them, their unique voices

but encourage, as God does us.

Ask for stories about the

stained glass windows

of the lives we know

very little about

Do you feel Dominican enough

to run with the hound yet?

Can you see the flames flaring

and accept the call?

How many times will it

take you to sit and listen

to the lives of others

before you decide to write your own?

Because you know that those who have less

have not heard what you have

find them, under the rocks and mud,

and show them how to grow an orchard

and a well.

Social responsibility is

compelling, opportunistic.

Take each moment as it comes,

disregarding nothing.

C'est importante que

vous etes realize

le change cree

de les petites

moments uniques.

I want you to be aware

that you neighbor is in pain.

They ache to live prosperous lives-

free them through His word.

Force, fraud, coercion.

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare.

Have you ever made a change

in your community?

How deep can you cut?

How far can you go?


What do you have to lose?

I look deep into the reflection

of your eyes and see not

only you but also


establishing a bond like no other.

We are His greatest work of art.

Creators of sacred space.

Beauty is the visible form of God,

and in being beautiful we

cast away the worldly things while

living in the world.

We are stardust.

We are fire.

We are nature itself.

We are conscious, thinking

beings who can talk, act

speak for those who can't.

Isn't it incredible that we can

think and talk and contemplate,

all at the same time?

We have a saying here.


That's v, e, r, i, t, a, s.

Do you know what it means?


Are you true?

Never forget your personal promise.

Never forget your action plan.

Follow through.

In the words of St. Dominic,

as he took his

final breath:


Zoebelle Bean

Aquinas College


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