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Preacher Spotlight: Meghan McCabe

"Despite attending the Dominican High School Preaching Conference seven years ago, I still am reminded daily of the impact it has made on my life. It was at that conference that I made a lifelong friend who I speak with weekly. She and I both ended up attending Saint Louis University where we occasionally cherish the memories of the conference, but daily live out the morals we learned.

The four pillars of the Dominican Tradition closely mirror those of the Jesuit Tradition. Both orders focus on study, service, community, and prayer. Each day I value the gift of education and dedicate the time it deserves in order to achieve academic excellence. I work to connect with my community through acts of service such as tutoring, volunteering at soup kitchens, etc. Although undergraduate life can be busy, I have been reminded of the importance of prayer. I am grateful for the gift of community, both the one I am in now and those I have been a part of in the past."

Meghan McCabe

4th year Biomedical Engineering Pre-Med Student

Regina Dominican High School, Class of 2019



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