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Preacher Spotlight: Desmond Ansah

Leadership through Ministry Intern Desmond Ansah

Participating in the Leadership through Ministry program

" . . . has given me priceless knowledge, abilities, and views that have advanced my leadership and personal development." - Desmond Ansah

Meet Desmond, Leadership through Ministry Intern

Desmond Ansah ministered at Homecoming Farm as part of the Leadership through Ministry program. In his own words:

"I had a transforming and rewarding experience by taking part in a leadership program. It has given me priceless knowledge, abilities, and views that have advanced my leadership and personal development.

The following list of essential lessons from my experience is condensed in this reflection:

Self-awareness: The leadership program promoted in-depth reflection, which helped

me identify my strengths, limitations, values, and philosophical principles. I've been able

to lead truthfully and with purpose by identifying my areas of strength and using them.

Communication: Throughout the training, effective communication emerged as a

crucial ability. I gained skills in effective communication, empathy, and active listening.

This improved my capacity for teamwork, trust-building, and motivating people to work

toward shared objectives. Understanding and controlling emotions in myself and others

was a key component of developing into a successful leader. My ability to negotiate

difficult circumstances with empathy and empathy helped me create a helpful and

encouraging team atmosphere.

Adaptability: The leadership program exposed me to various situations and difficulties,

encouraging flexibility and adaptability. I discovered how to adapt to change, think

quickly on my feet, and have an open mind to fresh viewpoints.

Making decisions: The program allowed participants to do so in realistic situations. By

learning from my successes and failures, I developed greater confidence in my

decision-making skills and the fortitude to make difficult decisions when necessary.

Others empowerment: A key learning was the value of team member empowerment

and responsibility delegation. I saw the team's output and creativity soar by building a

culture of trust and accountability.

Vision and goal-setting: Creating a compelling vision and establishing realistic goals

became a pillar of my leadership style. I understood the value of rallying the group

around a common goal to inspire everyone to pursue excellence. Leadership typically

requires the ability to overcome obstacles and disappointments. The course made me

realize how important it is to be resilient, to persevere in the face of difficulty, and to

grow from failure.

Collaboration and networking: Meeting new people during the program broadened

my perspectives and provided opportunities for fruitful networking. A wealth of

knowledge and novel viewpoints were made available by working with people from

various backgrounds and degrees of competence.

Servant leadership: Perhaps the most profound lesson was the concept of servant

leadership. The program emphasized that leaders are meant to serve their teams and

organizations, putting the needs of others above their own. This approach engendered

respect and loyalty among team members.

Overall, the leadership program was a life-changing experience that shaped me into a

more effective, compassionate, and visionary leader. I am grateful for the opportunity to

have participated in such a transformative journey and am excited to apply these

learnings to future leadership endeavors."


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